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ICA Commission on Location Based Services Research Agenda

Open Access

Dear colleagues,

 We are happy to announce that the LBS Research Agenda has been published online as an open access paper in the Journal of LBS. This is an outcome of the multi-phase collaborative initiative (, started in May 2016. Thank you to all the participants during this process! You can find the paper at


We hope this research agenda helps to motivate further LBS research and stimulate collective efforts. To bring together the broader community to answer these open research questions, a series of activities (conferences, workshops, and special issues) will be organized in the coming years. Particularly, we would like to draw your attention to the following two platforms:


- Journal of LBS ( This is the flagship journal of the scientific field of LBS. Please consider submitting your recent research to the journal.


- International Conference series on LBS

( The next LBS conference will be hosted by TU Wien, Vienna, Austria, in November 2019. More details will come.


By working collaboratively within the LBS community and across cognate communities, we can ensure a better future of our mobile information society.



Haosheng, Georg, Jukka, Martin, and Nico On behalf of the ICA Commission on LBS and the Journal of LBS


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