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CFP: International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environment Sensing (SEES 2018)

Venue: Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge, Cambridge city, United Kingdom 18-19 June, 2018

SEES Conference Proceedings ISBN: 978-1-912532-01-8
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Dear Colleague,
We would like to bring to your attention that the submission due date is extended to January 30, 2018.

The International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environment Sensing will be held from 18-19 June, 2018 in Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge, Cambridge city, United Kingdom. Through its technical program, the conference aims to provide an outstanding opportunity for both academic and industrial communities alike to address new trends and challenges, emerging technologies and progress in standards on topics relevant to today’s fast moving areas of Sustainable Energy and Environment Sensing.

Extended papers from SEES 2018 Conferences will be invited to one of these journals:

International Journal of Energy Optimization and Engineering (Thomson Reuters, DBLP)
International Journal of Intelligent Decision Technologies (Thomson Reuters ,Scopus)
International Journal of Social Ecology and Sustainable Development (Scopus)
International Journal of Sustainable Aviation (Thomson Reuters)
International Journal of Hydrology Science and Technology (Scopus)
International Journal of Future Cities and Environment (Springer)
International Journal of Low-Carbon Technologies (Thomson Reuters) -Oxford
University Press-



Sustainable Energy:

  •    Energy management
  •    Global warming
  •    New perspectives of renewable energy
  •    Low energy architecture and energy efficiency
  •    Energy saving in buildings
  •    Renewable energy economics
  •    Energy storage
  •    Energy transformation from renewable energy system to grid
  •    Sustainable energy research and applications for industry 4.0
  •    Sustainable energy for electrical vehicles and components
  •    Artificial intelligence and machine learning studies for sustainable energies and applications
  •    Computational methods for sustainable energies
  •    Energy savings for vehicular technology, power electronics, electric machinery and control, and others
  •    Safety and security
  •    Renewable energy systems in smart cities
  •    Energy resources technologies (Bioenergy, Geothermal, Hydrogen, Hydropower, Ocean, Solar, and Wind )
  •    Environmental impact and sustainability

       Environment Sensing:

  •  Remote sensing of environment
  •  Agriculture and food security
  •  Atmosphere, weather and climate
  •  Natural disasters monitoring, warning and response
  •  Geology
  •  Water cycle
  •  Geographic information systems
  •  Marine and coastal environment, resources and dynamics
  •  Data and information systems and spatial data infrastructures
  •  Wastewater management
  •  Biochemistry and biology
  •  Remote sensing applications, Geo-information, geophysics
  •  Remote sensing & geo-information in education
  •  Oil exploration, Oil and Gas – Hydrocarbons
  •  Urban remote sensing
  •  3D Remote Sensing, Radar, Lidar, Thermal Remote Sensing


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